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Care for your assets now and prepare for the future. 

Personal trusts, including revocable living trusts, are a great way to manage and protect your assets now while effectively preparing to transfer those assets to the people you care about in the future. It’s a comprehensive asset management solution that can take care of your investing needs now while meeting current and future life and financial objectives.

Your personal trust can help you by:

  • Giving you an investment management vehicle
  • Managing your assets in the event of your incapacity
  • Providing for disabled children, elderly relatives and other family members
  • Managing assets for your family after your death
  • Providing support for children and grandchildren under the terms you select
  • Eventual distribution of assets to a younger generation in the manner you specify
  • And many more services.

Choosing a Trust Management Company is an important decision.

Since part of the role of a trustee is to handle complex administrative and investment tasks, naming a trustee with that kind of expertise and experience is critical. Acting as Trustee, Southeast Trust as a local trust company can provide trust account services and efficiently handle duties such as:

  • Collection of trust income
  • Depositing income into an account of your choice
  • Record keeping
  • Preparation of statements
  • Assisting with information on your income tax return
  • Managing the trust in accordance with the terms of the trust and fiduciary law
  • Choosing strategic investments for you and/or your family
  • And much more

Successor Trustee Appointment

You may also choose to serve as your own trustee. If you do, you can appoint a corporate fiduciary that will take over trustee responsibilities upon your incapacity or death, giving you peace of mind that your trust will be managed effectively and without interruption. Some established irrevocable trusts also provide for the appointment of a successor corporate trustee by a majority of beneficiaries.

Other Types of Personal Trusts

In addition to revocable living trusts, there are a variety of trusts to meet specific needs and circumstances.

Special Needs Trusts

A special needs or supplemental needs trust can help you leave assets for a disabled child or family member, while preserving their eligibility for government benefits. These trusts allow your beneficiary to continue to get the equipment or vehicles, educational opportunities, vocational training, service animals or any other services they need. By naming a corporate trustee or trust management company, you are ensuring that trusted experts will distribute your assets, and your beneficiary’s needs will continue to be met over their lifetime.

Charitable Trusts

By establishing a charitable trust, private foundation, or donor-advised fund, you may leave assets to charity. This allows you to create an additional tax benefit and a new stream of income. In order to achieve the maximum charitable income, and tax benefits available, we look at your long-range objectives. You have the option to name a corporate trustee to oversee distribution of your assets in accordance with your goals.

Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts

If you have a large estate and wish to offset the estate tax, establishing an Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust may provide you with that flexibility. Working as a wealth replacement vehicle, this type of trust is regularly reviewed to ensure that the insurance policy is viable and will fulfill the intent of the trust. Because of their strict federal laws, these trusts require special expertise to administer. Southeast Trust’s services can handle the intricacies of an irrevocable life insurance trust.


Guardianships can be established as an alternative to trusts. Southeast Trust can serve as Guardian of the Property, where we work with the Guardian of the Person to manage your funds and assets, pay your bills, settle any claims, provide accounting services, and more.

Not sure what your trust strategy should be? Our local trust officers are ready to help. Take the first step toward protecting your assets and peace of mind. Meet with one of our local trust officers here in central Florida to discuss your needs and objectives. Call our Florida based Personal Trust Services department, located in our Ocala headquarters, at 352-291-5999 to schedule a no-obligation appointment.

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