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We Manage Your Wealth Now and Plan for Your Future Estate

Building a plan for your life and the future of those you care about

A sound estate plan is based on the efficient accumulation, conservation and distribution of your wealth. It also involves a plan for managing and protecting your assets in the event of your incapacity or death. Some people think estate planning is “just for the rich” but that is a misconception. Every person, however many assets they have accumulated, leaves behind an estate that must be resolved. As with other important life events, planning your estate in advance benefits everyone. You are able to design a plan according to your wishes and your beneficiaries are spared the difficulties of trying to guess your wishes during an emotionally trying time. Estate planning services also provide the peace of mind of knowing your money will be managed in a way that leaves the greatest possible legacy for your family, friends, and favorite charities.

At Southeast Trust, our local estate planners manage your assets with a focus on how you want to live now, your life’s goals, and how you want to provide in the future for the people that are most important to you. We combine effective management services with a superior client focus to build a wealth management plan for life today and for the future.

The mission of our estate advisors is simple

  • to listen to you
  • identify your needs
  • implement a strategic plan to meet those requirements
  • deliver value-added services with consistent returns so that you can concentrate on leading your life

We’ll get to know your goals and family dynamics along with the differing needs of family members to help form a comprehensive plan for your future. The goal of every estate plan is to effect efficient accumulation, conservation and distribution of your wealth as well as plan for the control and protection of your assets in the event of your incapacity or death. Southeast Trust’s estate planners help you understand options and factors like estate and gift taxes, wills, and trusts, so you are empowered to make the best decisions for your estate plan. With our Wealth Management and Estate Planning Services, Southeast Trust can help you achieve:

  • Enhancement of wealth and financial security during your lifetime
  • A greater degree of control over your assets during your lifetime and after death
  • Orderly and private disposition of assets at death
  • Transfer of assets to future generations in a manner that minimizes taxes and avoids probate, while reducing other unnecessary expenses.

Build your estate plan now, get peace of mind, and protect the future for your family.

Call the Florida based Estate Planning Services department, located in our Ocala headquarters, at 352-291-5999 to schedule a no-obligation appointment.

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