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How a Corporate Fiduciary Can Help Your Clients

A Corporate Fiduciary can serve in a variety of capacities including: – Trustee: Revocable Living Trust, Testamentary Trust, Irrevocable Life Insurance Trust, Special or Supplemental Needs Trust – Personal Representative – Designated Depository – IRA Trustee or Custodian – Investment Management for Grantors, Guardians or P.R.s, Individuals or Business Owners

Why Should You Name a Corporate Fiduciary?

Unbiased Third Party: Removes conflict between family members, which reduces friction and promotes harmony – Expertise: Professional Investment Management, Statements and Communications with all vested beneficiaries, Tax Reporting (1041 and 706), Distribution process (committee oversight), Familiarity with state and federal laws, Risk mitigation Compliance and Oversight: Federal, state and internal audits on regular basis, Adherence to policies and procedures, Committee review of distributions and process, multiple checks and balances, Dual control over assets How Does This Help Your Practice? Collaboration between various trusted advisors equates to increased client retention, organized joint efforts, and the possibility of new business

How Does This Help the Client?

Collaboration between trusted advisors means that all aspects of the estate plan are working together. Removing conflict between family members and providing financial and care expertise during incapacity or death relieves anxiety and provides continuity.

When Should You Get a Corporate Fiduciary Involved?

During the planning process: we may have practical suggestions for distributive provisions and can provide an additional layer of review. The clients may wish to interview multiple corporate fiduciaries prior to making a decision: best practice is to introduce them early in the process so they can weigh the benefits, costs, and understand the duties and responsibilities of their trustee or P.R. In Personal Injury cases, prior to making a decision about settlement payout options. Lump sum versus monthly payout options and payee as Supplemental Needs Trust v. outright to individual can be very important. It is very helpful to the client AND to the fiduciary to meet and know one another: in the event of incapacity, it helps fiduciary to step up more quickly.

Southeast Trust will act impartially to carry out your clients’ wishes as outlined in the documents you draft. We maintain a complete and accurate record of transactions and provide all beneficiaries with regular transaction statements. We are familiar with taxation, trust and probate law, and accounting. Naming a corporate fiduciary may be right for many of your clients-it saves the estate time and expense, and it provides continuity. It also eliminates family conflict and emotional grief, and ensures that wishes are carried out as intended. We would be happy to talk with you about our services, competitive fees, and flexible minimums at any time. We are fully staffed with administrative and investment officers with an average experience of 25 years, and CFP, CTFA and AEP designations. We also offer professional asset management services with customized portfolios at any point during your client’s life. Please give us a call at 352-291-5999.

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